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Responsibility of persons to safeguard themselves from becoming victims of crime

The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police is committed to ensuring public safety and reducing the fear and incidence of crime in the Turks and Caicos Islands. However, there are many things each and everyone can do to reduce his or her chances of becoming a victim or prevent the incidence of crime from happening. From time to time Crime Prevention tips are posted on our website, Social Media pages, and the newspapers for awareness to the public, but they apparently are not taken seriously.

There are reports of persons getting burglarized because they left their window or door unlock and went to bed or went out. We still get reports of vehicles being stolen because the owners left the keys in the ignition, or vehicle being vandalized because owners left items such as handbags, purse or valuable items visible where they can be seen. All these are crimes of opportunity and makes persons vulnerable to becoming victims.

Crimes occur because we open ourselves and our families to criminal opportunities. Talking to strangers, taking for granted one’s safety outside the home, etc. make us easy prey to criminals. In the fight against crime, knowing that the worst can happen makes you less prone to be a victim and more confident of avoiding disasters.

Protecting yourself, your family and your home is a matter of responsibility that cannot be taken on by anyone else. You can make the difference.

What can you do to protect yourself and family at home?

  1. Ensure all doors and windows have locks in working condition. Keep only that is used to enter the house open, all other entry points to your household should be securely locked to prevent unnoticed entry into your home.

  2. Make it a habit to check that all doors and windows are locked at night before going to sleep. The dark of night is a most ready camouflage for robbers, burglars and other criminals.

  3. Outside your home: Prune lower tree limbs – don’t provide the thief with a natural ladder into second floor windows. Keep the view to your house open – criminals love to hide behind tall fences or overgrown bushes while breaking into your home.

  4. Keeps porches, yards, and all entrances to your house and garage well lighted. Leave lights on inside your house when you go out for the evening.

  5. Keep a record of the important information (especially make, model number, serial number) of all household facilities and equipment, such as TV, Laptop, cellphones, radio, video cassette recorder, refrigerator, VCR, washing machine. Have an inventory of your jewelry and other precious items and documents like birth, baptismal and marriage certificates.

  6. Store cash and other valuable in the bank. Hiding them inside locked drawers does not guarantee that they will be safe from the knowing eyes and practiced moves of robbers.

  7. Bring in all outdoor equipment (bicycles, garden hose, mower, etc.) at night. Leaving these valuables out in the garden or street is an open invitation to robbers and thieves.

  8. Protect your house from prying eyes by using curtains or drapes.

  9. Provide family members with their own keys to the house. This is safer than leaving the key in a “secret” place, one that can be discovered by any person who takes the time to watch your movements when you leave your home and come back at night.

  10. If you and your family are going on a vacation, ask a neighbor to watch your home, or ask a relative to stay in your home while you are away. An empty house is a prime target for criminal elements.

Eddy Cerant sentenced to Prison

On Friday 9th September 2016, 44-year-old Eddy Cerant appeared before the Magistrate on Providenciales where he plead guilty to possession of controlled Drugs.

Acting on information on Wednesday 8th September 2016, around 6:35 PM Police Officers responded to the Providenciales International Airport in search of Mr. Cerant who had just arrived from Grand Turk. Officers detained him for the purpose of the search of illegal drugs and in doing so recovered a quantity suspected cocaine wrapped in a transparent condom from his anal area. When questioned by officers about the finding he made no reply. He was arrested and later charged.

Mr. Cerant was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment for being in possession of 114grams of Cocaine.

Deportation recommended ordered after serving time.

Police Investigate Fatal Accident(9.9.16)

Traffic Officers of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force are investigating a fatal accident that occurred last night on the South Dock Road of Providenciales in the vicinity of Butterfield Concrete.

Around 11:12 PM, Police and other emergency services were dispatched to the area on South Dock Road after reports of a collision involving a White Nissan V8 Titan Truck with one occupant and a scooter with two passengers. On arrival, officers found the truck off the road in a ditch with extensive damages to its front and rear. The damaged remains of the scooter were found on the road. Both passengers of the scooter lifeless bodies were found off the road. They were pronounced dead by Dr. Adolphus Oguche.

DSC 0824 - Copy

Preliminary Inquiries revealed that the White Truck which was driven by a 38-year-old man traveling South-West into South Dock Road and upon reaching the area of Butterfield concrete collided into the scooter that was driven by a 33-year-old male and a 26-year-old female passenger heading North-East out of South Dock.

The driver of the truck was arrested on suspicion of causing Death by Dangerous Driving. He was taken to the Cheshire Hall Medical Center and later discharged and is still in Police custody.

DSC 0839 - Copy

Police are urging anyone with information about this accident to call Crime Stoppers on 1-800-8477 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: www.crimestoppers.tc, Chalk Sound Police Station 338-5901. The information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our Facebook and Twitter page.

Police investigates Murder(9.12.16)

Investigators of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force are investigating the Murder of a 56-year-old Feliciano Antonio Garcia Quin of the Dominican Republic that occurred on Walter Cox Drive in Kew Town.

Around 8:06 PM (Sunday 11th September 2016), a report was made to the 911 Call Centre of a male who had apparently been shot. As a result, Police Officers and Medical Team attended the address where they found the body of a 56 year within the house.

Information received was that the deceased along with another male and female were approached by an unknown male about 5’5”-5’8”, dressed in dark clothing with masked over his face, with gloves on, pointed a gun and forced them inside the house and demanded cash. Whilst inside of the house a scuffle ensued when Mr. Quin received a single gun-shot wound. The suspect then fled the scene.

Mr. Quin was later pronounced dead by Dr. Adolphus.

A 26-year-old male is in police custody assisting with the investigation. However, it is still too early in the inquiry to determine whether this man was involved in the murder, therefore, we are urging anyone with information about this accident or who have seen any person fitting the description of the suspect to call Crime Stoppers on 1-800-8477 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: www.crimestoppers.tc, Chalk Sound Police Station 338-5901. The information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our Facebook and Twitter page.

19 year old male sentenced to three (3) years imprisonment

On Friday 2nd September 2016, 19-year-old Stavon Harris of Five Cays Providenciales was sentenced to three (3) years imprisonment for two counts of setting fire to a building and one count of setting fire to a dwelling-house.

As a result of a report made on Thursday 14th January 2016 around 4:17 PM, a complainant stated that there was a fire behind the Enid Capron Primary School in Five Cays, Providenciales. Police Officers and Fire Personnel, Social Services, Red Cross officials and other emergency units visited the scene where a number of wooden structure houses were ablaze.

The investigation revealed that Mr. Harris who after a fight with his brother earlier, got a bleach gallon bottle which contained gas, threw it on the home that he and his brother occupied and ignited it with a lighter. The blaze which took firefighters almost two (2) hours to contain, had spread and destroyed other structure homes nearby.

No one was injured during the fire.

Stavon Harris was later arrested and charged with the offenses.